The simplest way to get here is to use the plan below.

From the city center of Spisska Nova Ves follow the Letna street towards the west town exit. Upon approaching the rail road, do not cross it but keep driving left on the main road passing the village called Smižany. When you reach the intersection at the railway underpass, turn left, towards Čingov. Under the hill turn left, towards the Hornád River, towards the borough called MAŠA. From there, keep driving on the asphalt road, according to the map below, which will lead you to the tourist cottage called Novakova chata. From that point simply follow the plan bellow.

When arriving from Poprad, after entering Smizany village turn right at the first intersection towards the railway underpass and then turn again to the right and continue straight towards Čingov. From turning towards MAŠA under Čingov proceed as described above.

If you travel to Spisska Nova Ves by train or bus, the easiest way is to get a taxi. Ask the driver to take you to Novakova chata cottage in Košiarny Briežok. Taxis are readily available at the train and bus station and also near the main post office downtown.