Dear guests, before making the booking, please read carefully the rules of accommodation. You can also download it in PDF and then print them out. Thank you for understanding.

  1. The check-in is after 2 pm on the date previously agreed upon between the lessor and the customer resident. The number of guests (adults and children) must correspond to the number of people listed on the booking form.
  2. A guardian (an adult) is responsible for under aged children. Children under 10 are not to be left without an adult supervision in the interior or the exterior of the building. If an accident is to occur or other unforeseen circumstances are to happen, the person registered with the child is held responsible.
  3. Accommodation within the building is allowed only to persons who are not suffering from infectious diseases.
  4. It is forbidden to receive visits and over night visits without the consent of the owner of the cottage.
  5. The use of sport equipment intended for outdoor use is prohibited in the interior of the cottage (a ball, tennis rackets, sleighs and so on.) It is also forbidden to bring sport equipment into the rooms (skis, bicycles, etc.,) and to wear sports shoes inside of the cottage. Guests are advised to bring suitable slippers.
  6. Accommodation of pets is not allowed.
  7. Guests agree that during the term of the lease the owner has the right to enter the property and the rooms to fulfill his obligations arising from the maintenance of the cottage (necessary repairs and maintenance, emergencies, etc.).
  8. The exterior and interior of the building is maintained and kept functional. It is in the guests’ own interest to check the condition the cottage is in and to report any shortcomings immediately to the owner of the property.
  9. It is strictly forbidden to move furniture (beds, furniture …) in the facility, to make adjustments and repairs of buildings, or to damage to network and installations (handling and setting up the audio-video equipment).
  10. Bed linen, hand towels and two towels for a week-long stay are provided for the guests. For hygienic reasons, we ask customers to use bed linen. PLEASE DO NOT carry out pillow, duvets, blankets or other interior equipment out of the facility!
  11. Inside the building there is a strictly nonsmoking policy. Smoking is permitted only in the outdoor space (terrace house, space by the fire). It is necessary to bear in mind the increased fire hazard resulting from smoking and possible compensation for the damage incurred to property and equipment.
  12. Guests are required to take measures to ensure order and peace in the building and in the surroundings and to ensure quiet from 11 pm to 6:00 am.
  13. Before leaving the building overnight the guest is obligated to check that all taps are closed, the lights and electrical appliances are turned off, windows are closed and all doors are locked. There is a separate fee for the loss of the house keys.
  14. The check-out is not later than 10.00 am. We urge you to meet the required hour of the check-out due to the arrival of the next group of guests. Please leave the building clean, the dishes washed and the garbage in a black bin bag in front of the building. In case the property is left dirty (mud, vomit, etc ….), the lessor reserves the right to retain a part or the full amount of the deposit, depending on the damage or contamination of the object.
  15. The guests are advised to respect the accommodation terms and conditions – their violation gives the property owner a legal right to withdraw from the contract before the agreed time. This accommodation terms and conditions is also available inside the building, published on the website and hotel guests are familiarized with it when entering the building. Not being aware of the terms and conditions is not a reason for non-compliance.

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